Saturday, November 6, 2010

About the title

I'm in my second incarnation as a librarian. In my first, back in the 80's, I worked primarily at the elementary level. One of my joys was storytime with the kindergarten kids. One little boy would become so involved he'd talk to the story characters. "Oh no, princess, there's the dragon!" "Stop, it's a man-eating tiger!" he'd yell. Whenever he'd see me in town, even blocks away, he'd yell, "Hey, Libary, read me a story!" But he couldn't pronounce his l's so it would be "Hey, Yibary, read me a story." I couldn't fix the l's, but I did teach him that the library was the room and that I was the librarian, the lady that worked in the library. And that's how, a long time ago, I became the "Yibary Yady".

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